Climb out from 27L

In the previous post, you saw the taxi portion of the flight, lining up on Runway 27L at Philadelphia International Airport. Well, here’s the next phase: Takeoff and climb out.

By the way, that was at 4X speed. But you get the idea. Was a hazy day, too, making for less than ideal video. Still, was a great takeoff over the Delaware River with fine sights below. Safe travels.

Rollout on 27L

Take off is always exciting, the start of another flight. Here’s a look at the rollout on 27L at Philadelphia International Airport.

Of course there are many professionals behind every commercial flight: Pilots, cabin staff, mechanics, air traffic controllers, bag handlers and so forth. Do your best to be a good passenger by cooperating and being kind to your fellow travelers.

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Civil Air Patrol

You might see the Civil Air Patrol at your local small airport. Their planes are distinctively marked as you see in this example below:

Civil Air Patrol Cessna parked on the ramp.

Civil Air Patrol Cessna parked on the ramp.

They perform search missions as well as many other important functions, including teaching young people about aviation. It’s good to have people out there doing this job. You never know when you might need them.

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AA56 to London

As in the previous post, I found some video that, for some reason, was not edited into a finished piece. This time it is the details of flying on American Airlines Flight 56 from Miami to London. This voyage put me on a Boeing 777, which is a magnificent airplane. Thanks to frequent flier miles, I enjoyed a first class seat. Here’s a look at the cabin, amenities, food, and some aerial views along the way.

What a great flight! Got there safely and in comfort thanks to the professional staff at American Airlines. It was the start of a great trip, one I posted about last year. Although this video was a bit of catch up, it’s good to have the memories on file.


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