Kitesurfing, Aruba, iPhone video

With Aruba’s fantastic winds, kitesurfing is a very popular sport here. On the south end of the island is a great spot where you can catch both the wind and some waves. Warning: Not for the timid! Here’s some iPhone 6 video showing you a few people riding the sea.

Be careful on this part of the island. The wind and waves can be a challenge. Still, it is an exciting sport and Aruba is one of the best places in the world to do it. Bon dia.

Aruba, Climbing Casibari Rocks (2014)

Here’s a short video I made showing the actual climb up the Casibari Rocks. It’s worth the effort for the view.

After a climb up there, stop at the snack bar below and enjoy an ice-cold Coca-Cola or other beverage of your choice! You earned it. Bon dia!

Aruba, The Other Side of the Bridge, Ep. 3

Episode 4 of The Other Side of the Bridge (Aruba) is now available. This time, we head to JoAnn Snack for a nice lunch then meet the crew from Aruba Bob Snorkeling. You’ll head into the water at Mangel Alto and check out the fish, too. Here it is:

As you saw there in the video, plenty of marine life to see. Always wear your life jacket and be careful. (Don’t eat too much either!)


JETLEV is a way to soar that will surely give you a thrill. Powered by a jet pump in the boat portion, the water flows out through the nozzles, and you’re above it all.┬áToday, I was driving to Oranjestaad, Aruba, when I spotted the guys testing out the equipment. Couldn’t resist. So, I pulled in, got some video and did a short interview. Here it is.

Almost like a jet pack. Next time you’re in Aruba go to Red Sail Sports, and give it a try. Special thanks to Osmar and Kendrick.


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