Development? Rogers Beach, Aruba

During a drive around the southern end of Aruba today, I noticed some changes. One of the most interesting is the location above Rogers Beach, where there used to be a small police trailer parked. There I saw the police trailer moved, the parking lot asphalt scraped away, and a container bearing a sign for new residences. Here’s the panorama to prove it:

New development at Rogers Beach, Aruba? Maybe.

New development at Rogers Beach, Aruba? Maybe.

One thing for sure… the view is spectacular as long as you don’t turn north and see the refinery. Otherwise, a great spot. The water is sapphire blue, the sand soft, and the sunshine bright. Check it out. Maybe it is for you.

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Departing Runway 11

Here’s another video from the departing flight taking me from Aruba to Miami. I can never get enough of this stuff, the view from way up there. Take a look:

It was a great flight. Looking forward to heading back to Aruba. In the mean time, check in here at The Bent Page for more videos and other stuff.

Beam on the Beach, Aruba

Certainly Jim Beam is a fine bourbon whiskey and Palm Beach, Aruba, is a great stretch of sand. Why not enjoy them both at the same time?

Jim Beam whiskey as seen on Palm Beach, Aruba.

That’s a fine combination when done in moderation or just a little bit more. Do you have a favorite drink for the beach? Bon dia.

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Aruba’s Model Train Museum, video

Aruba has a private model train museum located in the home of Jaap De Vries. He’s been collecting model trains, among other things, most of his life and has a wonderful, eclectic display which is open by appointment. Here’s the video:

Incredible stuff, all tucked away in the man’s home at the edge of San Nicolaas, Aruba. When Mr. de Vries gives me notice, I’ll do an update with his contact information so that you can find him more easily. Bon dia and keep exploring.


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