Very Good TV, podcast

I’m relatively new to podcast listening. However, I have found several that are worth the time, providing great material on various subjects of interest. Among my top three, Indiewire’s “Very Good TV” podcast is hosted by Liz Shannon Miller and Ben T. Travers. The pair has developed a great rapport as they share insight and critique of a wide range of television programs. We’re talking everything from “The Walking Dead” to “The Americans.” They know the ground they cover offering more than the usual multi-star review rating or thumbs up/thumbs down type of commentary. You’ll hear extended conversations about actors’ careers, director styles, even production decisions by companies small and large.

Here’s a link to their page on

Very Good TV podcast

The podcast is also available at iTunes. Finding it will be quick and easy, enhancing your television viewing. Enjoy!


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The Wrecking Crew, documentary

There’s an interesting documentary called The Wrecking Crew that I just watched. It features the many session musicians who played on many hit songs from the 1960’s and 1970’s. Revealing and fascinating, these studio “session players” brought their many and powerful talents to songs we’ve all heard and love. Producers relied on them to crank out the hits, bringing a depth to songs that might otherwise have languished. Their input helped many acts reach the top of the charts, all the while, these people were mostly left uncredited. Sadly, that’s how the business worked back then. Nonetheless, their talent lives on as these songs are still popular in various venues from the movies to nostalgia events.

If you’re looking for something to watch, I highly recommend The Wrecking Crew. You’ll meet the people behind the sound and appreciate what they did.

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Kloster Andechs Dunkel

I wanted to try another beer from the Andechs Monastery. That last doppelbock dunkel was mighty tasty. So, I went with the weissbeir dunkel (minus the doppelbock part). Here it is:

Andechs Dunkel in a frosty mug.

Andechs Dunkel in a frosty mug.

I poured it a little too fast. Still, the head on this beer was frothy good, kind of a like preview of the show. And the show was smooth, a bit creamy, lots of body, and deeply flavorful. This beer thing might get to be a regular feature here at The Bent Page. Soon I’ll be visiting with some German friends who have native beers at their fingertips. Uh, oh!

Dual Fuel Bicycle

I spotted this bicycle during my recent travels. As you can see, it has two power system, the pedals and a small engine:

Engine and pedal powered bicycle.

Engine and pedal powered bicycle.

Note that tiny engine mounted on the frame. Here’s a closer look:

Closer look at the engine on this bicycle.

Closer look at the engine on this bicycle.

There’s a separate chain and rear gear there. Take a look at the other side.

Another look at the drive train on this dual powered bicycle.

Another look at the drive train on this dual powered bicycle.

Not sure how powerful that engine is. However, it has to be helpful on the hills. Quite an interesting contraption. Would like to see it run.


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