Aruba’s Windmills

Several years ago, a series of ten large windmills were set up in Aruba. Each one has the capability to generate about 3 megawatts. Given the steady tradewinds that blow in from the east, these turbines run near full power for about 9 months of the year. Here’s a view of several taken from a helicopter.

They stand about 300′ above the ground, facing east into the breeze. You can see the rugged shore at the edge of the frame. Here’s a look at a single unit.

In earlier posts, I showed how the bases were constructed. They’re rather stout, and they better be, because sometimes that easterly blows in excess of forty knots, generating a tremendous amount of pressure against the tower. There is talk of more turbines coming to the island. In the mean time, large reciprocating power plants (think big diesel engines) have been installed at the WEB plant in Balashi. Either way, Aruba enjoys one of the most reliable power grids in the Caribbean.

Bon dia.

Old Town, New Power

Madrid is an ancient city, no doubt about it. Still, you’ll find forward thinking people, including those operating this hotel near the Plaza Mayor. Look carefully at the roof.

It looks like they have an evacuated tube system for heating water and some photovoltaic panels to make electricity. Good idea. There’s plenty of sunshine in Madrid, might as well use the energy.  I would have liked to talk to someone at the hotel to see how much energy they were saving. Alas, not enough time.

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Shrinking again.

About eight years ago, I did away with a desktop computer. I stepped up to the plate and bought a decent laptop that had all the functionality of the desk model. It cost a small fortune but is still running today, although strictly in a back-up capacity. Then I bought another laptop, which was bigger than the first, bigger screen and so forth. Lugging this one around on all my travels wasn’t the easiest.

Well, I’ve gone smaller again, this time all the way down to a netbook. No, I won’t be editing video on this unit, but it’s perfectly suited for word processing, blogging, and so forth. Most of the time, that’s all I’m doing. The horsepower of that big laptop is typically wasted. It will remian, with its predecessor as a back-up.

So, I’m on to traveling with this netbook, logging on in various places, and typing away. Hopefully it goes well.

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Wind Power Aruba Style

Aruba’s first commercial wind turbine site is on its way to completion. Here at The Bent Page we updated over the summer on the construction phase. Now the Vestas turbines are spinning in the wind. Still some work to be done, but this is a beautiful sight:

Tour buses now take visitors past this area, as do the private guides. It’s worth a look. These units hardly make a sound and yet they produce a handsome amount of electricity.

Bon dia.


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