Tortilla Española

Also known as the Spanish Tortilla, this dish is a favorite of mine, especially when enjoyed in Madrid. Since I happen to elsewhere at the moment, I decided to make myself this simple treat. All you need is olive oil, potatoes, onion, a couple eggs, and a hot stove. Dice up the potatoes and fry them with chopped onions (you can add bits of ham or other stuff to your taste) in the olive oil about 10 minutes. Drain off the oil. Whisk the eggs in a pot then dump in the potatoes and onions. Mix it all together gently then pour back into the frying pan on med-low heat. Keep the edges nice and neat with the spatula; you’re going for a pie-like look here. When the one side is cooked, carefully flip the cooking tortilla over onto a plate then slip it back into the pan to cook that other side. (This can be tricky.) When cooked firm all the way through, onto a plate it goes and you’re ready to eat. Here’s a photo of my tortilla with accessories for my Spanish snack last night.

That was a great little meal. As soon as I come up with a reliable source for jamón iberico, I’ll be loving life that much more. Naturally, the albariño wine kicks things up a notch. Even if you can’t get there, you can still enjoy the tastes of your favorite travel spots. Enjoy the journey wherever it takes you.

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Back Roads Spain, review

Back Roads Spain is a book published by DK Eyewitness Travel. I’ve used their travel books many times, especially when planning my trips to the Iberian Peninsula. The “back roads” collection is designed to take the traveller a little deeper in-country, something that is right up my alley. Here’s a brief video review of the book:

Let me emphasize the photographs and illustrations in this book. The street maps show a walking tour with sites of interest highlighted. Sometimes there are three dimensional renderings of a cathedral or winery, which prove irresistible. You want to see the real thing after peering into such well-presented images. The driving routes definitely take you into the countryside, which, having driven extensively in Spain, can be frustrating. However, with a decent guide and fair warning of what to expect, you’re sure to enjoy yourself.

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Quiet Streets in Spain

During my travels, I enjoy walking quiet streets, having a chat with the old folks lingering on porches or tossing a treat to the odd stray cat. While in Spain this was particularly interesting because of the contrast between the old buildings and the new. Some of them date to medieval times, some from a few years ago. The town of Jerte showed this juxtaposition very well as you’ll see in this next video. It’s not brilliant footage, just documentary images of what was and what is. Take a look.

There was that friendly elderly couple on the bench and a cat, too. These elements add great authenticity to any place, including a native perspective on visitors like myself who are just passing through. Enjoy the journey.

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Spain, Day by Day

Spain, Day by Day is a Frommer’s travel guide book. I have to say, it is one of the best I’ve come across in the last decade. Most guidebooks are the “see this, do that” kind with a few photos tossed in. Day by Day does this more effectively. It suggests strategies for enjoying a visit to the Iberian Peninsula and then proceeds with itineraries. Furthermore, there are regional sub-guides with routes to follow according to various cultural experiences. Topics like “wine lovers” point the way to specific interests so you don’t have to plow through the rest for which you have no desire.

Spain, Day by Day, is clearly written, beautifully photographed, and the maps very useful. Having visited Spain many times, I was pleased to see how what I saw shows up in the book. Of course, I also see what I’ve missed. Therefore, I’m using this book as one of my resources in planning the next sojourn. For the price, it’s been a great help.

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