Túnel de Hada, Hotel and Spa

Previously, I posted about the restaurant at the Hotel and Spa known as Túnel de Hada. Now, let’s focus on the hotel. (Sadly, I did not avail myself of any spa treatments. An error I will have to correct some day.) Jerte is where this hotel is located, a small town in the middle of a green valley loaded with cherry orchards. There’s a small river running through it. More on that later. Here’s a view of the hotel from the rear. The front is on a very narrow street in town.

The building fits in the with the ancient town’s architecture. Here you see the entrance on the ground floor.

Through that glass door you go, into a reception area with a very competent desk staff. My reservation was ready and in a few moments I had the key to my room. At this point I inquired about laundry service and in another few moments, the clothing was on its way to being washed, dried, folded, and pressed, and delivered to me before the evening set in. That’s excellent, especially for a guy who needed some clean shirts. The rooms are slightly dark, but once you pull open the curtains things brighten up. Here’s the sleeping arrangement.

And opposite it was a comfortable area to sit, relax, read, or watch TV.

No, I wasn’t doing any TV watching. I was gallivanting about the town. Take a look at the view into the greenery from the room’s window.

The photo above doesn’t really do the view justice. It was a menagerie of green with the steady mumble of the river for a soundtrack. Lulls you right to sleep, especially as the cool air settles into the valley. Overall, Túnel de Hada was a comfortable and welcoming place to stay, one I would recommend to those looking for an upscale experience in both accommodations and food. Don’t forget to try the spa and let me know how it was!

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Posada del Duratón, Spain

Posada del Duratón is located in a rural area approximately an hour’s drive from Segovia.

There are nearby hunting preserves and a natural park for the outdoor minded guest. It surely is quiet here. There is an on-site restaurant for supper and breakfast. I would go with the breakfast and skip the supper. Here’s a look at the dining room.

There are a number of pleasing outdoor spaces including these balconies and cloisters.

Once in your room, you’ll find plenty of amenities, too.

The toilet was located in a separate space with no sink, but coming out and to the other end of the room, you’ll find the sink…

and a shower/tub…

There was no curtain or glass door for the tub which made showering tricky. Someday, I’ll have to find someone to show me the proper way of using this type of installation without getting water on the floor. Anyway, my stay was comfortable and interesting as I used the posada as a base to explore nearby Segovia and some small spots along the way. You’ll also find some trinkets for sale in the lobby, ones that are actually made by local artisans. They are worth the time to check them out. As mentioned before, Spain is a wonderful country to explore, especially the places a little further afield.

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Hotel Villa de Ábalos

Hotel Villa de Ábalos is a marvelous place to stay in the Rioja region of Spain. I’ve been waxing poetic about many of the small hotels that served me well during the past visit, and they all did a fine job. There’s always a few that stand out, and Villa de Ábalos takes the trophy. Ábalos itself is a tiny town, surrounded by vineyards and bodegas. There are some larger boroughs nearby, but I found no reason to explore them when this tiny spot had everything to make the stay comfortable and interesting.

You see the building there in the photo above. It’s hard to imagine the entire structure was gutted and rebuilt by the current owner. He has a great scrapbook filled with photos showing the work in progress. Take time to check it out. In doing so, you’ll gain a greater appreciation for the hard work the individuals invest into these establishments.

At the reception desk I was met by a very competent man who gave me a tour of the facility, asked about arranging tours, restaurants, and directions to other destinations. From here, we moved up the stairs.

The stairs are original to the palacio into which the hotel was built. At the top, you’ll notice a still. Hmmm…. Rioja is a wine region but someone liked to make a beverage a bit stronger. Nothing was said but a few knowing winks and nods were exchanged. Anyway, into the room we went.

Cozy, comfortable.

This place had steam heat directed through radiators. It had the kind of hot water that cleans away the road grit, too. What a blessing after some less than tepid showers! There are also a number of common areas for you to gather, have a glass of wine, and do a bit of work on the WiFi.

Speaking of  wine… the owner makes his own, both red and white. This year, 2010, he just released his first white, and it was delicious. We drank a bottle in the afternoon and another with supper, which the man served himself. Talk about personal service! I’ll have a separate post about that. In the mean time, if you like to tour wineries, kickback with a glass, and do it in style, Hotel Villa de Ábalos should be at the top of your list.

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Posada Dos Orillas, Trujillo

Welcome to Trujillo, Spain, that town of conquistadors, a fine castle, and the Posada Dos Orillas. Located in the oldest part of town, only a short walk from the castle, this posada is quiet and comfortable with a wide selection of rooms.

We arrived in the middle of the morning and there was construction in the Plaza Mayor which meant we couldn’t access the hotel by the route I planned. No problem, I parked in a garage, took only the essentials for an overnight stay, and walked back. It was good exercise and an opportunity to explore another set of streets.
The reception area above gets you off to a good start. From here you can get oriented, ask questions to obtain local info, and get the password for the network. The building itself is a reformed palacio with a fair number of nooks and crannies. You’ll go through a passage or two like this on the way to your room.

You can see style and good taste on display in that photo as you will find it throughout the facility. In our room we had plenty of space in terms of sleeping, sitting, and closets.

The bathroom featured the necessities you require plus a hair dryer for those who want to remain well coiffed.

At ground level there is a restaurant. Sadly we did not have a chance to try it. However, here’s a look at the seating there.

I like the fabric stretched overhead. Although it was late April when I visited Trujillo, already the temperatures were plenty warm. Keeping the sun at bay makes things a bit more comfortable. The next morning we enjoyed the breakfast of the house and departed this lovely establishment. If I have the chance to return to Trujillo, I would definitely stay here again.


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