The Bandeja Paisa, Aruba (video 2014)

Well, it was time for another video on the Colombian platter known as the bandeja paisa. This is a plate with a piece of just about everything, served hot and fresh at my favorite Colombian join in Aruba, Casa Vieja. And here’s the video:

Any terms you don’t know are easily found on Google. Just remember, if you’re going to eat one of those platters, you might need a nap or to at least take it easy for while. That’s a lot of food. Enjoy every meal, especially in Aruba. Bon dia.

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Steady as she goes…

Here’s a photo I happened upon a few nights ago. Was driving along the coast of Savaneta, Aruba, DWI and spotted a tugboat steaming south as the sun set.

Tugboat headed south off Savaneta, Aruba, DWI.

Tugboat headed south off Savaneta, Aruba, DWI.

Always a good idea to keep a camera handy. This was my Nikon 1 AW, a great little unit that does a good job without much work on the users part. And, with all the media we have today, you can share instantly and enjoy.

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The View from Scott’s Brats, Aruba (2014)

Here’s a photo showing the view from Scott’s Brats over Palm Beach, Aruba.

View from Scott's Brats on Palm Beach, Aruba.

View from Scott’s Brats on Palm Beach, Aruba.

If you’re looking for a snack, Scott’s is a great place to stop in for bratwurst, Italian Sausage and many other favorites. Then, there’s the Bloody Mary bar where you can make your own exactly the way you like it. Plus, with a  view like that, you’re sure to enjoy. Don’t miss any meals and don’t forget the sunscreen!

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Aruba, Climbing Casibari Rocks (2014)

Here’s a short video I made showing the actual climb up the Casibari Rocks. It’s worth the effort for the view.

After a climb up there, stop at the snack bar below and enjoy an ice-cold Coca-Cola or other beverage of your choice! You earned it. Bon dia!


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