Hickory Kitchen, Doylestown, PA, USA

What a great little joint for excellent BBQ! Hickory Kitchen is located in the center of Doylestown, PA, USA, a great little town with plenty to offer the visitor. Of course, you know I enjoy the food most of all, and BBQ is one of my favorite things. I stopped in here after catching a movie at the County Theater, just a few blocks away. Ordered up a brisket platter with cole slaw and baked beans. Darn good! (Sorry the photo is terrible!)

Brisket platter at Hickory Kitchen, Doylestown, PA.

Brisket platter at Hickory Kitchen, Doylestown, PA.

That brisket was very tender and smokey, absolutely delicious. I’ll definitely be back to try the chicken, pulled pork, and various other dishes. Here’s a look at part of the menu:

Menu at Hickory Kitchen, Doylestown, PA.

Menu at Hickory Kitchen, Doylestown, PA.

As mentioned above. I will definitely be back here to try a variety of other dishes. I’ll bring the Nikon and get some better photos as well. Enjoy every meal!

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Sunday BBQ, Aruba, (iPhone video)

Needing a good reason to test the video capabilities of my iPhone 4s, I ventured to my usual Sunday BBQ joint in Paradera, Aruba. The correct name for this joint is “Lady Face.” It is operated by a bunch of Chinese people who work hard nearly every day of the year.  On Sundays, they fire up the charcoal grills and roast a bunch of chicken and ribs that are a staple for many families on the weekend. For the current price (December 2013) of 15 florins (about $8USD) you get 1/4 chicken, 1/4 rack of ribs, rice, cole slaw, and a chunk of corn on the cob. Not a bad price for all that food. So, here’s the video that shows you the whole process:

Wow, what a feed! Not for the timid stomachs out there, but very filling, which means nothing to eat until tomorrow. Bon dia!

Sunday BBQ, Aruba (Dec 2013)

Sunday BBQ is a regular feature on the island of Aruba. Many places are open for BBQ ONLY on Sundays. One of my favorites is the Great Rich, which has changed its name to Lucky Lady or something. Anyway, it’s on the main road through Paradera. The food is cooked over open coals in by a couple of guys outside. You go inside the bar, pay (currently 15 florins) then come out with your ticket, which is given to the servers. They’ll load up a styrofoam container with about 1/4 chicken, ribs, coleslaw, fried rice, corn on the cob and you’re on the way. Here’s a look:

Sunday BBQ in Aruba.

Sunday BBQ in Aruba.

That is a wicked lot of food. Ice-cold Coca-Cola helps fill the gaps. Enjoy and be prepared to nap.

Fermin’s Bar BQ (Aruba), video visit

Stopped in for lunch at Fermin’s Bar BQ today. A friend recommended the joint, telling me the cook won the local bbq contest three years in a row. This place is easy to find, from the high-rise hotel area, take the road to the main intersection in Noord, then turn right and keep looking on your left. It’ll be easy to find because there’s usually plenty of cars there and a big sign. Here’s the video visit:

I enjoyed the ribs and chicken platter, which comes with two sides. My regular sides were the cole slaw and garlic mashed potatoes. I added the baked beans because baked beans always go with bbq. It’s a hearty meal and much better than the regular grilled ribs you find at so many places around Aruba. Also, the beer is ICE-COLD which helps tamp down the Aruban sun. Prices are local, the scene is local, and you’ll fit right in. Bring your friends for lunch and enjoy!


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