A Place to Thaw Your Bones

Here’s a view of the beach in Aruba, which is a good place to thaw your bones.

Beautiful Beach in Aruba.

Beautiful Beach in Aruba.

The water is warm, the sand soft, the sun bright. If you’re in a less hospitable climate, consider a visit. It will do you good! (I can recommend a few good books to read while you’re here!)

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Beam on the Beach, Aruba

Certainly Jim Beam is a fine bourbon whiskey and Palm Beach, Aruba, is a great stretch of sand. Why not enjoy them both at the same time?

Jim Beam whiskey as seen on Palm Beach, Aruba.

That’s a fine combination when done in moderation or just a little bit more. Do you have a favorite drink for the beach? Bon dia.

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Office Extension, Aruba

Not sure which part of the office this happens to be, but I was working on some story material yesterday at The Beach Bar, located on Palm Beach, Aruba. Here’s the photo:

My temporary office extension, Aruba.

Took the old Mont Blanc pen and put it to good use. This is the one that was recently repaired. Performed perfectly, as did the Jack Daniel’s to the left. Very nice view here, just a few steps away from Scott’s Brats, in front of the Playa Linda, where I would have been but they’re closed on Sunday. Have to swing by today to fuel up. Bon dia and keep reading!

Eagle Beach, Aruba, video visit

Eagle Beach is one beautiful stretch of sand here in Aruba. You can stake out a nice spot in the morning and enjoy yourself all day. Here’s a video visit showing some helpful tips:

Bookmark this page to view during those cold winter months. And make plans to head to Aruba, where the only ice you’ll find is in your drink. Bon dia.


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