Loveless Cafe, 2014

The Loveless Cafe is an institution from the 1950’s that still serves country favorites, drawing people from around the USA and the world. Located just west of Nashville, Tennessee, you’ll find friendly service as well as lots of tasty menu options.

Neon sign for the Loveless Cafe.

Neon sign for the Loveless Cafe.

Of course, this place is famous for it’s biscuits. They’re light, fluffy, delicious. Check them out here:

Biscuits and homemade preserves at Loveless Cafe.

Biscuits and homemade preserves at Loveless Cafe.

The homemade preserves really hit the spot, too! Try them all. You can also buy them to take home. Now, here’s the fried chicken, the 1/4 white version:

Fried chicken at Loveless Cafe.

Fried chicken at Loveless Cafe.

Wow, what a feed! That coleslaw was also perfect. As you can see, a variety of sides round out this meal. Don’t forget the local beer. Prices are reasonable so don’t worry about the budget. Loveless Cafe is that rare joint that has grown over the years but retains its charm and dignity. Give it a try as soon as you can. I overheard staff talking about smoked ribs with watermelon sauce. I might be driving back there tomorrow.

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Rincón Criollo, Aruba (video 2014)

Restaurante Rincón Criollo is a great joint for lunch or supper, especially if you’re passing through Savaneta, Aruba, perhaps on your way back and forth to Baby Beach. You’ll find all your favorite Cuban dishes on the menu at prices that will keep you on budget. I stopped in for the carne a la plancha and here’s the video showing you all the details:

Owner Enrique is a great guy who will make sure you enjoy the meal. Enjoy the other side of the bridge and head out to places like this for a taste of Aruba’s local flavor. Enjoy every meal. Bon dia.

Red Snapper, Aruba (2014)

I’ve posted about Zeerover in Savaneta, Aruba, DWI several times before. Well, here’s a first hand look at some poor red snapper going through the saw in preparation for a fresh meal.

If you like fish, it doesn’t get any fresher than that. Of course, at Zeerover, you’ll have one beautiful view of the Caribbean as well, including the tankers off shore. Stop by for some Aruba local flavor.

The Bandeja Paisa, Aruba (video 2014)

Well, it was time for another video on the Colombian platter known as the bandeja paisa. This is a plate with a piece of just about everything, served hot and fresh at my favorite Colombian join in Aruba, Casa Vieja. And here’s the video:

Any terms you don’t know are easily found on Google. Just remember, if you’re going to eat one of those platters, you might need a nap or to at least take it easy for while. That’s a lot of food. Enjoy every meal, especially in Aruba. Bon dia.


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