Snow Bike

Bicycling is lots of fun and can keep you fit. Winter is no reason to stop riding, either. As you can see in the photo below, I took to the streets and trails on my trusty Trek.


Of course, I wasn’t jumping over piles of snow. But I’ve been out there plenty this winter season, wearing my cold weather gear, cranking out the miles and burning the calories. The Trek never misses a beat. Just be careful around the cars and other hazards.

Landing KOQN (Brandywine Airport)

It’s fall foliage season, so head out to your local airport and go for a ride. Take in the sights. That’s what I was doing when I took this flight in a venerable Cessna 172. Was a little early for the fall colors, which had just started. Took the opportunity to polish some skills. Here’s a landing:

As you can see, lots of bugs died on the windscreen that day. Was a decent landing and a great flight. Looking forward to many more soon.

Landing 9R at KMIA

Another excellent flight aboard American Airlines. We were on time and arrived in comfort after a nice breakfast. Here’s a look at the landing at Miami International:

There are many professionals working behind the scenes, people we never get to see, making sure our flights are safe. Be a good passenger by cooperating with cabin staff and your fellow travelers. Courtesy is free. Use it liberally. (For those interested, this video was taken with a Nikon 1 AW camera.)

Shoco Snack, Aruba

You’ll find Shoco Snack on Schotlandstraat between Ling’s Grocery and the Sasaki Texaco.

Shoco Snack, Aruba.

Shoco Snack, Aruba.

This is a local joint, mostly take-away, but there are a few seats at the counter where you can enjoy your snack and read Diario, the local newspaper.

The counter at Shoco Snack, Aruba.

The counter at Shoco Snack, Aruba.

The food here is local, simple, hearty fare. The prices are reasonable, meaning currently you’ll spend about 20 florins or less for a platter like you see below.

Roast chicken platter take away from Shoco Snack, Aruba.

Roast chicken platter take away from Shoco Snack, Aruba.

Of course, each day they have a few specials. I recommend going early for lunch to get your selection. Below is the grilled chicken platter.

Grilled chicken platter take away from Shoco Snack, Aruba.

Grilled chicken platter take away from Shoco Snack, Aruba.

There’s plenty of food there, enough rice for 3 people underneath the chicken. This might be an easy alternative for a quick meal during your stay. Bon dia.


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