Adventure Medical Kits, video review

A first aid kit is necessary for your vehicle, house, and even your suitcase when you travel. Today, I take a look at the World Travel model from Adventure Medical Kits. This one is rather large for personal travel. It’s designed to be used for up to four people on a multi-day trip. Hence, it contains quite a bit of the items you might need, from bandages and pain killers to a scissor and spare bottles for your own meds. Take a look at the video:

I would add a few things, such as a seat belt cutter, my personal medical info on a card, a penlight, and hand sanitizer. Still, this is a great kit to have on hand. Check the one you have and make sure the meds are current and that it is customized for your own personal needs.

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Altoids Survival Kit: Aruba v1.0

There are a number of very creative survival kits out there, some of them packed into an Altoids Mints tin. I decided to make my own version, specifically designed for use on the island of Aruba. Check out the video:

Surely that little kit will come in handy. Make your own and customize it for your needs. You never know when you’ll need one of those items! Bon dia.


:30 NYC Breakfast

I love a diner breakfast and it’s almost thirty years that I’ve been visiting the Waverly Diner in New York City. Here’s a quick video of typical breakfast there:

There you have it: Bacon and eggs in no time at all. Enjoy every meal!

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XMRE, Menu 4, video review

Here’s another review of a “meal ready to eat.” This one is made by XMRE Meals, and it is Menu 4. Here’s the video:

I have to say, these meals are quite tasty. There’s plenty of calories and decent nutrition as well. I prefer them to the freeze dried type of food. ┬áIf you’re putting together a kit for a natural disaster, XMRE’s would be a good addition. I will be reviewing a few more in the near future, so check back frequently.


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