One Happy Podcast, Aruba

Recently, Curtis from One Happy Podcast contacted me for an interview. His podcast centers on all things Aruba, so I was thrilled for the opportunity to share my experiences of the island. Here’s the link to the interview:

Curtis asked some great questions and has the patience to let me ramble on about writing, Aruba, and various other things. His podcast is a great way to get first-hand info about the island, so check in frequently.

Bon dia.

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Ham and Eggs deluxe!

Here’s a photo from a recent trip to Spain. You have the beloved jamón iberico and two fried eggs with a few chunks of garlic.


I enjoyed this delicious meal in the tiny town of La Parra, Spain. Simple can be better and certainly delicious. Enjoy every meal.

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Took a nice cross-country flight the other day. Winged down through Delaware to Salisbury, MD and then over to Ocean City. Here’s a look at Salisbury’s airport, KSBY:

Salisbury, MD, USA airport, KSBY.

Salisbury, MD, USA airport, KSBY.

There was still snow on the ground, making the field a little difficult to pick out from a distance. Nice tower controllers there by the way. Then here’s a look at Ocean City airport, right in from the beach:

Ocean City, MD, USA airport, KOXB.

Ocean City, MD, USA airport, KOXB.

Visibility was not the best throughout the whole flight. Couldn’t climb up as high as I like to for a better view. I did make it across the mouth of the Delaware Bay for a stop at Cape May Airport, too. Sorry, no photo this time. Nonetheless, the Diamond DA-40 performed like a champ in the frigid air, giving good economy and speed. Another great flight in the log book.

Cold Weather Flying

Had the pleasure of doing some cold weather flying. The air was clear, making visibility easy. Snow on the ground can cause a different kind of glare. Here’s a look at Lancaster Airport (KLNS).

Lancaster Airport (KLNS) from Diamond DA-40.

Lancaster Airport (KLNS) from Diamond DA-40.

Picking out the airport from a fair distance is a little more difficult, especially among the  fields. Nonetheless, the flights were great. Here’s another look at Lancaster’s runway.

Runway at Lancaster Airport, KLNS.

Runway at Lancaster Airport, KLNS.

Airplane performance was absolutely fantastic in the cold air. Plenty of power, fast rate of climb, and an easy, fuel-sipping cruz. Will be up in the air again soon. Can’t wait. Always do your checklist.


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