Making Real Estate

The old saying goes, “Buy real estate. They aren’t making any more.” Well, that’s generally true. However, in some places, they are making real estate. Take a look at this recent photo from New York City:


The contractor built a sheet piling wall and then filled in behind it. Looks like they’re also building a new pier there, which is essentially real estate above the water. Either way, it seems NYC is gains a few acres here.

Salamanca’s Cathedral

Salamanca, Spain, is blessed with a number of remarkable buildings, including the Catedral Nueva which is actually built adjacent to the older one.

Catedral Nueva, Salamanca, Spain.

Catedral Nueva, Salamanca, Spain.

Even my widest angle lens had trouble capturing the entire exterior in a single frame. Inside, the sweeping columns rise to amazing heights.

Inside Salamanca's Catedral Nueva.

Inside Salamanca’s Catedral Nueva.

Quite a large amount of light falls into this building, compared to the Romanesque style cathedrals you’ll find in other cities. Heading to the “old” cathedral through a door, you’ll find a number of paintings such as these:

Interior paintings, Salamanca's "Old" Cathedral.

Interior paintings, Salamanca’s “Old” Cathedral.

As well as some interesting tombs:

Tomb and wall paintings at Salamanca's Cathedral.

Tomb and wall paintings at Salamanca’s Cathedral.

Back inside the “new” cathedral, you’ll find this pipe organ.

Detail from inside Salamanca's Catedral Nueva.

Detail from inside Salamanca’s Catedral Nueva.

I found this bit of rope and tackle intriguing.

Equipment used to build the cathedral or hoist the bells? Maybe.

Equipment used to build the cathedral or hoist the bells? Maybe.

Of course, there is so much more to see during a visit to this sacred place. Take your time and plenty of photos. The cool air inside invites you to linger and ponder.


Work continues…

…on the Ritz-Carlton in Aruba. As you see here, the main structure is mostly complete.

Inland facade of Ritz Carlton, Aruba.

Inland facade of Ritz Carlton, Aruba.

The building is much larger than I thought it would be from the conceptual drawings that were in the local newspaper. It takes up a chunk of the beach and is immediately adjacent to a very popular wind/kite surf area. The good/bad news is, there’s no more beach to build more hotels in this area.

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Casino Facelift

The Alhambra Casino in Aruba has been undergoing some major renovations. The exterior facelift is well underway as you can see from the photo below.

Looks like it’s going to be a brand new drive-through, perfect for the high rollers’ limousines. The parking lot has been expanded, too, with better access to the main road. The Alhambra Casino is mentioned in my upcoming novel that takes place on the island. I’ll keep you posted on the release and more progress at this famous place in Aruba.

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