An Island Away

To read an excerpt from my novel, An Island Away, see my website at Here is a brief look at the story…

San Nicolaas, Aruba: Paradise, but not for amateurs.

Daniel Putkowski takes you far from the sparkling beaches and glamorous hotels to this waning refinery boomtown of barroom brothels, flexible morality, and one tourist trap known as Charlie’s Bar.

In a place that’s more Wild West than tropical paradise, you’ll meet Luz, a young Colombian mother, working as a prostitute to pay off her family’s debt, and Sam, an aging American expatriate looking to perpetuate his flamboyant youth. Together they find Captain Nathan Beck, washed ashore and barely alive after his tugboat sinks in a storm. For each of them, the town of San Nicolaas provides hope amid desperation as they live dangerously and grapple with reality in pursuit of their dreams.

It all unfolds under Charlie’s watchful eye. He knows that on his desert island you have to improvise.

An Island Away is available by clicking here from (<- Yes, on the word “here.”) Or, if you prefer, you can buy the book from (Barnes & by clicking HERE.

Don’t forget to check out the photos from my book signing at Charlie’s Bar in San Nicolaas, Aruba, and one of the locations from the story. They are HERE. (Yes, again, click on the word “here.”)

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  1. Daniel
    the book was great,I could not put it down. It was inspirational, exciting, raw and real. I am looking foward to Bonks Bar. Anyone whos ever struggled and or dreamed of a better life will truely appreciate your writing.

  2. Heard about your book over on the Aruba forums. I was visiting friends at the Doylestown market last weekend and they were set up behind the bookstore. Figured I’d buy your book and was lucky enough to get the last signed edition. I will get to it as soon as the Aruba yearning hits me. Still living on the breezes from my visit two weeks ago.


  3. Sir,

    I just purchased Bonk’s Bar and An Island Away. I plan to read one of them while sitting on the beach in front of the Costa Linda in September ( 3 – 10). Do you have a suggestion?

    • Have a suggestion? Please, a suggestion for what? Which one to read first? An Island Away, of course!

      • Oops! My mistake! I meant to include that I would be reading the other book while still here in frigid Ohio, USA!

  4. I just finished both “An Island Away” and “Bonk’s Bar”. Thank you for developing characters that had depth enough to make me “care”, descriptions that helped me “see”, and multiple story lines that kept me riveted.

  5. […] Recently, my friend Dan Putkowski, author of several books including Bonk’s Bar and An Island Away, contacted me about capturing a little of what I do in the kitchen on video. Dan also has his own […]

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