Anchor Memorial, Aruba, video

On the southern end of Aruba, DWI, stands a giant ship anchor as a memorial to all the mariners lost at sea. It was updated to include Charles Brouns, Jr. of the eponymous Charlie’s Bar, who was instrumental in having the anchor erected at this spot.

Sadly, Charlie passed away in September of 2004. RIP.

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Windmills, Aruba, video

Several years ago, a string of windmills was erected in the Vader Pete area on the southern end of the island of Aruba. They produce electricity thanks to the steady trade winds. Here’s a quick video look.

They were built by Vestas and I think each one has a capacity of about 1 megawatt. Thanks to the trade winds they work almost constantly. Bon dia.

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Mangel Alto, Aruba, Panorama (2014)

Exploring the features of the Nikon 1 AW camera, I went to a place called Mangel Alto on the island of Aruba. This is a great spot for snorkeling, scuba, or just looking at the beautiful blue sea. Here’s the panorama:

View of Mangel Alto, Aruba, DWI.

View of Mangel Alto, Aruba, DWI.

That’s one to save for the winter. It will definitely cheer you up and thaw your bones. If you get to Aruba, be sure to check this place out, maybe aboard Tranquilo, a great sailboat that will take you to this exact spot for a day of fun.

Development? Rogers Beach, Aruba

During a drive around the southern end of Aruba today, I noticed some changes. One of the most interesting is the location above Rogers Beach, where there used to be a small police trailer parked. There I saw the police trailer moved, the parking lot asphalt scraped away, and a container bearing a sign for new residences. Here’s the panorama to prove it:

New development at Rogers Beach, Aruba? Maybe.

New development at Rogers Beach, Aruba? Maybe.

One thing for sureā€¦ the view is spectacular as long as you don’t turn north and see the refinery. Otherwise, a great spot. The water is sapphire blue, the sand soft, and the sunshine bright. Check it out. Maybe it is for you.