Scripting a book trailer.

A novel contains reams of material. Distilling all that into a movie-style trailer took some major thought. I think I have what will work best, introducing the audience to the story and the major conflict.

LQkl3yInQQqJVWBvOJlr+gThe key is to tell enough without telling too much. Not an easy task. A great production team is ready to bring this script to the screen. I’ll post more about the process, and of course, the final video.

How the book began…

The following is a short video, showing how I sketched out an idea for a story, the very beginning. It evolved into my novel to be released in October 2019, titled, The Next Testament.

I usually start with a title. Everything points in that direction. From there, I start sketching out some of the big concepts and action that will take place. Then it’s characters. More vids to follow, showing the details of the process in short form. Stay tuned.

Office Extension, Aruba

Not sure which part of the office this happens to be, but I was working on some story material yesterday at The Beach Bar, located on Palm Beach, Aruba. Here’s the photo:

My temporary office extension, Aruba.

Took the old Mont Blanc pen and put it to good use. This is the one that was recently repaired. Performed perfectly, as did the Jack Daniel’s to the left. Very nice view here, just a few steps away from Scott’s Brats, in front of the Playa Linda, where I would have been but they’re closed on Sunday. Have to swing by today to fuel up. Bon dia and keep reading!

Back from the Shop!

One of my trusty Mont Blanc fountain pens just returned from the repair shop. I purchased this pen in 1986 and it has served me very well of the many years since. It finally got a little weep and needed a repair. I took it to the Mont Blanc Boutique, and two weeks later, it came back good as new, including a nice sleeve to protect it when not in use.

The photo doesn’t do the pen justice. It’s a great writing instrument. I’ve written reams of pages with this pen, gone through numerous bottles of ink, and it keeps right on going. There’s aren’t many things out there that are as reliable and functional as a Mont Blanc fountain pen. Of course, they require a bit of care and you have to be more careful than with some old ball point. Then again, these pens are heirlooms that can be passed from one generation to another, deservedly so.

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