Bonk’s Bar

Bonk’s Bar will be released in June 2009 and will be available at,, as well as all the usual book retailers. This blog will contain updates about the launch party and book signing events so check back frequently. Now, let’s take a look at the story.

bonkscovpost1Justice served ice cold. Tommy Bonk, college student and casual piano player, never wanted his old man’s bar. He wanted a college education, a high-paying career, and out of his lower-class neighborhood. And then his brother John, a sergeant in the Marine Corps, is killed in Iraq. His father goes on a two-week bender, leaving Tommy the one thing he never wanted, a chance to run the family bar. Seduced by the financial success of his early attempts, he plunges in head first, thinking that he can outsmart crooked cops, the Russian mob, a clever local girl, and his own ambition. 

Along the way, Tommy faces realities he previously denied. He copes with success and failure as well as catastrophe and misadventure. He earns a degree in the ways of the world … where the grading scale includes life and death … where some things are important and others simply aren’t worth a damn. (Bonk’s Bar ISBN 978-0981595917)

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  1. i am looking forward to this book!

  2. Island Away, your first book inspired me to seriously go to Aruba. My wife has been there and describes it as you described it in your book. You have really made it a tourist attraction for me. For someone living at the Jersey Shore, BONKS BAR is the classic. I not only look forward to visiting Bonks Bar, P.J. Doolings Tire Co. and Silvas Fish Market, as an advid reader, I am looking forward to your next book and have registered on your mailing list. Keep up the good work! When I go to Bonks Bar, I will definitely toast a drink to your brother.

  3. I loved BONK’S BAR. (My husband was thrilled with his signed copy.)
    As Jimmy Buffett sang in the movie, “Hoot”, “Good Guys win every once in awhile.” 🙂
    Looking forward to more novels from you.

    • Glad you liked it! Please write a review on Amazon or

  4. […] to here at Cucina Domenico). Recently, my friend Dan Putkowski, author of several books including Bonk’s Bar and An Island Away, contacted me about capturing a little of what I do in the kitchen on video. Dan […]

  5. achica

    Bonk’s Bar | The Bent Page

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