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There are excerpts from my books, information about book tours, as well as some interesting tidbits that might not make it to this blog.

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Published on June 22, 2008 at 10:17 am  Comments (19)  

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  1. Totally new to blogging, I was startled by your comment before I even knew I had correctly set up my blog. I fondly remember Aruba from a cruise stop there many years ago. I purchased woven strings of bells that decorate our Christmas tree every year.

  2. Thanks for that message. Look forward to seeing more of you here.

  3. hi daniel – don’t know if this is the best place to post this. let me know if not.
    hi – I’m actually launching a social network for kindle owners and book lovers and authors.
    We’re in pre-Alpha – Would appreciate it if you could join and help build the community ( – moving to a more book oriented url during alpha)
    More details at including ‘3 Free Kindles in the first 3 months’ promotion and other information.

  4. Nice blog. Was a great advertisement for Aruba. Hope to visit there someday!!

  5. Hi,

    Very nice blog. Have a great day!

  6. thanks for your comment,i like making montages with my digital i find it easyer than panoramics. from retrography1963.

  7. thanks for dropping by. nice site. can i come and visit you in aruba? i’ll just be staying a couple of months. you may not even notice me.

  8. I’m looking forward to reading An Island Away. Best wishes. =Paul

  9. My husband and I visited Aruba in late January/early February. Your website was a lifesaver! We enjoyed finding the places you listed which were not on the tourist routes. Everything you recommended was wonderful and when we return, we will (again) have printed pages of your recommendations in hand. I can’t believe you happened to be in Charlie’s Bar when we stopped for directions! Thanks again for being such a great long-distance tour guide.

    • Glad to help. See you on the island again someday.

  10. Hello! On my first trip to Aruba I bought (an autographed copy of) An Island Away. It was an awesome awesome book. On my second trip I bought Under a Blue Flag which was also awesome. And in between those times I bought Bonk’s Bar. Way cool, but of a different nature. Having read the Aruban type books it made it so much cooler when I was in Aruba. I went to and saw places that were mentioned in the book and probably talked off the ears of anyone close by about your books! I really wanted to go to Charlies Bar but the cab fare would have left me nothing to live on for the rest of my stay :0( Hopefully I will be going again in September 2012 and I plan to save, save, save enough to go to Charlies at that time. (It would be way cool if you and your wife were there then.) You don’t happen to know if they are hiring bartenders do you? I would truly love to live there but need to have a job to do so. Oh well, again I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your books and thanks for the Aruba knowledge. Please keep writing and if Charlies needs help, please let me know. :0)


  11. I’m so happy I found your blog. I’ll be going to Aruba in 4 weeks – have gone every year for the past 5 years, with my daughter, son-in-law and my 3 year old granddaughter. My daughter has been to Aruba 11 times and bought a timeshare 8 years ago. We love the local cuisine, but also the more advertised eateries as well. I was happy to read about the interesting places we’ve not heard of, like the Lourdes Grotto. I’m sure there are a lot more jam packed on the island that we have no knowledge of. I took as many screenshots of your directions so we won’t get lost. That’s our only problem – we get lost all the time – there are very few road signs – what’s up with that? So getting places on this seemingly small island is very daunting. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if my GPS worked in Aruba?

    • Be careful driving and enjoy your visit! Don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook to stay current with all my latest posts and books. Bon dia. Daniel

  12. Hi Daniel,
    Was wondering why I cannot find any of your books on Ibooks, wanted to upload Dark Currents. Any plans for any of your titles on Ibooks?

    • Ken,
      Sorry, my books are exclusive to Amazon in the e-format. You can get the free application and operate it many different devices. Thank you and happy reading!

  13. Thanks Dan,
    I was able to upload the kindle app for the Ipad and that worked.

    • Excellent. Happy reading!

  14. Hi Daniel,

    Going back to Aruba in April with the wife and in-laws, will be the first time in five years and was happy to stumble upon your blog. Gave me some nice visual insight to the restaurants I’ve been reading about. You’re El Gaucho driving directions post is much appreciated! Staying in the High Rise area, our nights out as of now include Chalet Suisse, Giannis, El Gaucho, and Passions. Your great reviews of White Modern and Amuse Bistro have me second guessing our choices now though. In any event we’re looking forward to some great meals and a great time overall in Aruba, thanks again!


  15. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for sharing this blog, it’s great to read about your travel experiences. I wanted to just quickly share a project I’ve been working on that may also benefit your readers, giving them discounts and vouchers on travel, books and more.

    Many thanks,


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