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Welcome to The Bent Page, a blog about reading, writing, and the world around us.

My motto is, “It’s a small world but big enough for me.” One way in which our world expands and contracts is through the written word. It may be a blog, a book, a newspaper, or a note left on the fridge. The macro and micro world come into focus from far away or in the palm of your hand.

The written word has been around for several thousand years, and despite great effort, has yet to be perfected. It’s a work in progress, one I happen to enjoy. And that’s why I started this blog, to give an outlet to some of my creative writing endeavors. Hopefully they’ll pique your interest enough to open a dialog, which is one of the best features of a blog. Ideas can be exchanged from around the world through the convenience of cyberspace.

I’ll be creating posts from current and past experiences. Brief meditations on the future will also be included. Combing through my archive of photos will supplement the text, adding another dimension to the words. Don’t hesitate to post your comments. Keep them brief so that they fit the format. Just don’t cut yourself short!

For more information or to check out excerpts from my books An Island Away and Bonk’s Bar, check out my website There’s also details there about books signings and other events.

Published on June 14, 2008 at 11:48 am  Comments (19)  

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my humble site. What a joy to arrive here and discover writings about my ‘home away from home’. I’ve lived and travelled in Spain myself, enough to fall in love with it yet far from having seen it all.

    Glad to have found your post, which combine two of my passions, good reading and Spain.
    Already read about the corner stores, the Roman architecture and the terribly busy older women. Can’t wait to discover more and indulge in the memories and dreams.

  2. I’m doing the trackback shuffle since you left a comment on Planetjan. Anyone who has an entire category devoted to Coca-Cola is someone I need to know. The other teachers tease me that I’m old school, cause I like the real thing, not the one calorie S^#t! We have friends that just spent time in Barcelona. He’s an actor and worked on Woody Allen’s most recent film. I’ll check more in depth to see if you have posts on Barcelona, since that’s my next travel destination.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Fancy Living. Glad to hear you enjoyed my post. More on that and similar topics to come. I find it interesting to read about other’s travels, especially those that are adventuresome. Will be sure to mark The Bent Page for my next trip!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my site!! Am adding you to my blogroll.

  5. Thanks for checking out my blog… and the comment!

  6. The windsurfing is great, the weather is great and
    Aruba is great as usual.

  7. As above, thanks for stopping by my site! Sicily was wonderful; Basque country is next on my list. Unfortunately Caribbean remains a distant dream; too far, too expensive, but most of all, lacks the history that buildings that I love so much about traveling around Europe!

  8. Thanks for checking out my blog! In response to your question, Wizard’s First Rule is the first book in the series. I would not recommend reading the books out of sequence either. Enjoy!

  9. thank you for the information about Aruba. and the beautyful pictures.

  10. i wonder if i would forget there was a paradise if i saw it everyday? thanks for reading. i’ll make sure i live vicariously on the days i can’t take a break. 🙂

  11. Dan…thanks for checking out my site. Love the blog. Pictures are great and looking forward to reading more about your book! Felix Papadakis

  12. Hi – just stumbled across your website and I love it. Keep up the great work, I will visit often!


  13. Hi – just came across your blog and I love it. Will certainly be reading your book as well!


  14. Thanks for tagging on Second Class ( and your kind comments on my post. Your post on the Vesuvio Bakery has left me feeling hungry – great site you got here.

  15. Thanks for commenting on my blog, and leading me to yours. We’re starting to plan our next warm vacation, and Aruba has just entered the race.


  16. I have absolutely no idea how I got to The Bent Page, but, if it deals with Aruba, I’ll find it. I have not checked out your whole site yet, but am waiting for the UPS man to bring your book any minute. I have the feeling your site will bring a whole new flavor to our next visit!

  17. I want to be on the motor yacht…right now!!! AR + K

    PS. The book is outstanding. I am so glad I know the author!!

  18. Thanks for stopping by my photoblog – and thanks for the nice comment too! If you wish, you can also have a look on our travel blog – from our current, one year trip.

    I really like your blog, and Aruba definitely looks like a place worth visiting, some day. Good scuba diving waters there, I suppose?

    All the best to your writing,

  19. Just meet today at Tamajuin Signing. Hope to hear. No email address available?

    Pete & Carol (Paradera)

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