Limón y Sal

Limón y Sal is the title of a Julieta Venegas album that I’ve been listening to for several years now. I discovered Venegas while listening to a radio station somewhere around New York City and subsequently downloaded much of her music. I’ve written before about the music I listen to while writing and Julieta Venegas songs have become a staple.

The title track (Limón y Sal) is the type of song where honest lyrics and straightforward structure bring the message home. The layering of the instruments provides a richness absent from typical tracks without being overbearing. The same can be said for several other songs on this album including Canciones de Amor, which is a bit of a comic piece about love songs and how things just don’t work the way they claim. The irony is clear, made all the more poignant using an economy of Spanish words that deliver the punch line in the most clever fashion. Another favorite is Andar Conmigo from her album Sí. Here Venegas gives us a dialog about two people getting together, and if things are to work out, they’ll have to share each other’s stories. The allegory presented is insightful and wise, something sadly lacking in modern popular music.

Take a listen to the excerpts of Julieta Venegas’ music on iTunes. You’ll find these catchy tunes worth your pesos.

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