Hazy Summer Flying

My cousin and I took a flight to Danbury, CT last week. The air was smooth but hardly clear. Hazy was the operative word, making visibility a challenge. This is typical summer flying. As we crossed the Hudson River, I attempted to snap a photo of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Here’s how it looked from 3,500 feet.

That cluster of white buildings nestled against the river in the center/right of the photo is the USMA. Furthermore, you can see how mighty a river the Hudson is. Look at its breadth and depth between the cliffs there. Lots of water flows to the sea via this route. Plus, the Hudson makes a good checkpoint as even in the haze you can see it down there. Follow it one way and you’ll end up in New York City. Go the other and you’ll eventually come to Albany. Either way, I’m looking forward to more summer flying, visiting friends, exploring other locales, and stopping by the friendly, small airports that dot this country.