Kindle Review

I’ve owned an Amazon Kindle eReader for several years now. The device works very well, especially when you consider that you can download a book in less than a minute. So, after some serious testing, here’s a brief video to show it in action.

Despite the high initial cost of my Kindle, I’ve now downloaded enough books at reduced prices to make up the difference in the price of the unit itself. And, when you consider I didn’t burn any gas driving to the bookstore, I’m definitely ahead. Not that I mind a ride to the bookstore, because I do enjoy perusing the shelves as mentioned in an earlier post. But this is the way the world is going, browsing on the internet instead of inside a building, reading on a tablet as opposed to on paper. For leisure reading, the books that simply entertain and perhaps don’t require space on the shelf, the Kindle more than does the job. When traveling, don’t leave home without it.

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