Matchbook Memento

Matchbooks used to be a nice memento from restaurants and bars or weddings and other events. These days, I imagine, they are no longer the keepsakes they once were. Fewer people smoking and no real need for matches has taken away this micro-design memory jogger. Nonetheless, while cleaning out a drawer, I found this little book from Chumley’s, the old speak-easy on Barrow Street in New York City:

Chumley's Matchbook, circa mid-1990's.

Chumley’s Matchbook, circa mid-1990’s.

Had many great times at that little place: food, drink, laughs, and more. It was located behind an unmarked door, maintaining its speakeasy charm at 86 Barrow Street as the number on the reverse of the matchbook implies:

An "86" for the street number of Chumley's.

An “86” for the street number of Chumley’s.

As far as I know, the place is closed at this time. Ah, well, still have the memories and this little memento as a reminder. Cheers!

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