Frecciarossa, Italy

When traveling TrenItalia you have a few options, including Frecciarossa which is a high speed, intercity service.

DSC_3105It runs very close to schedule if not spot on time so be on the platform several minutes before your train is scheduled to depart. You’ll have some choices in seating, including the salottino for parties of 4:


The salottino was great for our little group and we even saved a few euros by booking our seats here. It was quiet and comfortable. Snack options depend on your train journey’s length. The following meal was purchased:

AJI0G5xcT+i%oMgFxxkXVwWas tasty, like airline food. Sometimes you’ll get an included little snack depending on the class of service.

DSC_3107Those espresso shots really do the trick!

NYCZuY64Se6xL6LmMNm+XAThe trains in Italy are convenient for this kind of travel. Most of your luggage will fit overhead. It’s fast and easy with fair prices.

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