Papé Clément, Bordeaux

Twenty-five years ago (give or take a few), I enjoyed the big red wines of both France and California. In particular, I liked the reasonably priced reds from Bordeaux that could be had back then for between $14-$20 a bottle. Yeah, that was a little expensive but not a budget buster unless you were really enthusiastic. For various reasons (mostly bourbon induced) I strayed from these classic wines. Well, today I went looking for a few and discovered my old favorite Papé Clément. Wow! The price for a young bottle is nearly $100 with other years well above $200. That’s incredible. Of course, many improvements have been made at this winery. Check out their video:

That’s a serious outfit doing excellent work. Just pull the cork on a bottle and take a sip. You’ll be convinced without a doubt. Please enjoy responsibly.