GoPro2, video review

The GoPro2 is a nice improvement from the regular old GoPro. Better resolution, nicer display, and many other features. Here’s my short video review, complete with footage from a Piper Cub and a dip in the pool.

A great camera at a decent price, I recommend the GoPro2 to get those great shots that would ruin a regular unit. Enjoy it!

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J3 Cub, around the patch, video

I’ve always wanted to fly in the venerable Piper J3 Cub. This is a legendary aircraft, an original, an icon. No doubt thousands of people learned to fly in this type of plane. Fortunately, there’s a couple of nice guys at my local airport who own them. While working on another video project from the air, I managed to get a few minutes of stick time in this plane. Take a look at the video of us flying around Brandywine Airport (KOQN).

An absolute joy to fly in the J3. It’s aviation at its most simple. The basic instruments, controls, and machinery. More than that, you don’t need. Plus, flying with the old stick and rudder forces you to be a good pilot, controlling the aircraft properly all the way from the hangar and back. Special thanks to Dave Nelson for taking me for a ride in his bird. By the way, most of the camera work you saw was done with a GoPro Hero 2. The shot in the middle of the runway was with a Canon XF100.