The Morgan Library, NYC

Of course New York City hosts some of the best museums in the world. One that I find particularly interesting is The Morgan Library on Madison Avenue. Yes, this building is from J.P. Morgan of financial fame. It is packed with stunning examples of the printed word in many forms that will impress and amaze. Not to mention the facility itself. Take a look at the ceiling here:


As well as the tapestry above the fireplace. This is a magnificent interior that deserve serious study itself. Here’s one of my favorite items from the collection, a manuscript from J.S. Bach.


Seeing something written in composer own hand leaves no doubt as to authorship or original intent. And here is one of Isaac Newton’s original notebooks.


There is plenty more to see, including visiting collections and things from the vaults. Best to check in here several times a year to see what’s on offer. Enjoy.

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Diaries on Display

The Morgan Library and Museum in New York City has often showcased amazing books. This time, they’ve hit a new high with “The Diary: Three Centuries of Private Lives.” On display, you’ll find journals that range from a pirate to John Steinbeck to a NYC police lieutenant taking notes about 9/11. Incredible.

Check out Einstein’s calculations or Hawthorne’s ramblings or Sir Walter Scott’s struggles after a series of strokes. The Morgan Library has them all for you to review. There’s one from Bob Dylan, too, which gives a great example of depth and breath of this exhibition. As the keeper of numerous journals of my own, it’s a wonderful opportunity to take in the scribbling’s of others, especially in their own hand. I doubt very much anyone would be interested in my musing about artificial reef construction, flying about in a small aircraft, travel through Spain, or island life in Aruba. Then again, you never know.

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