Short Final 09

As long as we’re on the subject of airplanes, I had the good fortune to be invited for a flight aboard a Beechcraft Bonanza. It was a great day for flying, mostly blue skies overhead and light winds. After a jaunt about the area with a few stops for business purposes, we returned to our home airport. Here’s a POV on short final to Runway 09.


The Bonanza is a stout aircraft. Less shoulder room in the cockpit than the Diamond DA-40 I usually fly. Still, with 300 horsepower up front, it’s a solid performer. Enjoy every flight.

The Right Seat

I had the pleasure of taking a nice flight in a different plane. This time, it was a Piper Archer for a run around the Philadelphia Area. I sat in the right seat for the first half of the flight, which was different because I was able to snap a few photos, such as this one of the skyline from about 1,200′ MSL:

Philadelphia skyline from about 1,200' MSL.

Philadelphia skyline from about 1,200′ MSL.

The other benefit was getting this close to Philadelphia proper, an area I usually avoid. From there it was a slow turn to the north and then west out to Chester County Airport (KMQS) for lunch. Here’s a look at Runway 29 on final:

Final approach to Runway 29 at Chester County Airport, KMQS.

Final approach to Runway 29 at Chester County Airport, KMQS.

Had a tasty lunch then took off, this time in the left seat for the short run back to headquarters. Was a great flight. I suppose they all are. Always do your checklist!