Too Much of a Good Thing?

Since so many people have messaged me to demand more beach and Aruba photos, I’ll bow to the pressure and put just two more up. Then, we’re going back to Spain. But we’re still in Aruba for now, going to one of my favorite spots to snorkel. This is an area known as Mango Halto (which can be spelled many different ways) also known as Spanish Lagoon. This area features a dramatic cliff that drops straight to the water. The ocean is buffered by a reef located about two hundred yards from the cliff. Some nice soul cut a stairway down the cliff to a spot where you can don your gear and get in the water.

The mast (flagpole) and landscaping here was installed by a local fellow who wants to keep the spot as a pleasant retreat for those who appreciate the opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty. People respect this, leaving it as they found it, clean and tidy. That boardwalk leads to the stairs down to the ocean.

The snorkeling along the cliff is average. There are usually a bunch of fish but very few spots of coral. Nonetheless, if you go out toward the reef you’ll find all sorts of coral including fans. The fish swimming here are the brilliantly colored types that are never boring. Sometimes the choppy waves make the swimming a challenge. Early in the morning is the best time to go.

Then after some awesome ocean viewing, you come back up the stairs and take a seat here:

You can see this is a comfortable spot for two. Here you can dry off, relax, maybe enjoy your favorite beverage. Just one more reason why so many people love Aruba, and rightly so.

There’s a small hotel within a two minute walk of Mango Alto. It’s called the Sea Breeze, and it is a charming bit of Caribbean hospitality. They have a small swimming pool in the courtyard, a barbecue, and a bar. It’s the type of place to stay when you want to get away from the crush of the high-rise hotels, when you want to get back to the basics. Isn’t that why you came to a Caribbean island in the first place?

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  1. Wow Preston

    Aruba looks like a great place to visit. *Turns green with envy*
    Nice travel blog BTW!


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