Looking Down

Flying always presents the opportunity for interesting perspectives. On a recent commercial flight, I spotted this scene below, a spit of land along the east coast of the USA:

A sandy spit of land along the east coast of the United States of America.

A sandy spit of land along the east coast of the United States of America.

I’m not sure exactly where this was. I lost track of our location. Still, looking down from 35,000 feet can be very instructive, giving one a sense of how big, or how small, this planet is. Take time to enjoy the view wherever you are.

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Gallo Rojo, Aruba, iPhone video

Stopped at Gallo Rojo in San Nicolaas, Aruba, DWI recently. This is a corner joint that served breakfast and baked goods, not to mention the local papers and cold drinks. Did a little iPhone video just for fun. Here it is:

Tasty ham, egg, and cheese sandwich there. Just what you might need on the way to or from Baby Beach or to start the day after a long night. Enjoy every meal. Bon dia.

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Holiday Inn, Aruba, iPhone video

Might as well take a look at the Holiday Inn on Palm Beach, Aruba, DWI. The lobby was recently renovated as well as some other improvements. Here’s a quick video taken with my iPhone.

I’ll keep these quick vids coming. A few “local” things on the way. Stay tuned.

Playa Linda on Palm Beach, Aruba

The sun was going down and I wanted to test the iPhone 6 in that difficult video condition. Being on Palm Beach, Aruba, made it a great place. So here’s it is, showing the Playa Linda timeshare then over to the beach.

The performance on the iPhone 6 was fairly good. Sunset is a difficult challenge for video exposure, especially with limited controls. Either way, we got another look at this part of Aruba.


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