Noodler’s Apache Sunset

Noodler’s Apache Sunset fountain pen ink represents a new level in expressive writing. Readers of this blog know that I use Mont Blanc fountain pens for my first drafts. To this point, I’ve stuck with Mont Blanc ink, using blue for most prose and red for emphasis and margin notes. Well, the red was starting to annoy my eye. It is powerful, which was my original reason for using it. However, it’s become a bit overbearing in places where a lesser amount of attention is warranted. Thus, I went on the hunt for another color. I searched the message board and discovered the following review of Noodler’s Apache Sunset. Click HERE.

Therefore, an inquiry was made to the Fountain Pen Hospital and a subsequent order placed. The ink arrived a day later, I loaded it into a pen and gave it a try. The following photo does no justice to the ink. (Sorry, but photographing ink is beyond my ability. Stick with the link above to see a better test.)

apachsunstFor the past several days I’ve employed this ink to great effect. The yellow stands strong on the page and the orange overtones draw the eye without the school marm’s scolding of the red.

Noodler’s produces many different kinds and colors of ink. If you prefer a fountain pen, give these inks a try. You will not be disappointed. Also, I’d like to thank all the members of the for their helpful reviews and information on the subject.

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