The Next Testament (on sale now!)

My latest novel, THE NEXT TESTAMENT is available now at Amazon. If you like suspense and thrillers and books that make you think, then give this one a try.

Here’s the link to Amazon:


And if you like it, please write a positive review to help other readers find good books to enjoy. Thank you!

West Chester Story Slam

At the West Chester Story Slam you’ll hear great tales told by regular people. I attended a few of these before stepping up to the plate to tell one of my own. The rules are simple: 5 minutes or less, a true story, and consistent with the theme. Well, last night, the theme was “panic switch.” The stories were brilliant, including one about a guy and his wife camping in the woods that was alternately chilling and hilarious. I told one about a 1997 business trip to Cozumel, Mexico. I was in a dive bar with the fellow I was doing business with when a couple of Norse Vikings thought we were checking out their women. One huge guy (think Chewbacca from Star Wars) comes across the room, picks me out of my chair like a little kid and starts screaming at me in Norwegian or something. I escaped with no damage, but the panic switch was flipped. It must have been a good story, because the three judges awarded me first place for the night. Here’s the screen shot from the Story Slam website:

What a thrill to be a first-timer and win the prize! Too bad I won’t be around for the November Story Slam to compete for the 2012 championship. I will definitely be attending as many of these that I can next year. They’re held at Victory Brewing Co. in Downingtown, PA on the second Tuesday of the month. See for more info. Stop by, enjoy some food and micro-brews, and of course, the great story telling.

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Office Extension, Aruba

Not sure which part of the office this happens to be, but I was working on some story material yesterday at The Beach Bar, located on Palm Beach, Aruba. Here’s the photo:

My temporary office extension, Aruba.

Took the old Mont Blanc pen and put it to good use. This is the one that was recently repaired. Performed perfectly, as did the Jack Daniel’s to the left. Very nice view here, just a few steps away from Scott’s Brats, in front of the Playa Linda, where I would have been but they’re closed on Sunday. Have to swing by today to fuel up. Bon dia and keep reading!

Fans Big and Small!

I received this photo from Jeff and his father-in-law, the D-Man, holding up Dark Currents with the little one in between.

Jeff and the D-Man with Dark Currents.

These are a couple of cool dudes who like to read. All the best guys and thanks for the pic! By the way, you can never start a child reading too soon. In fact, the younger the better. You can’t learn everything from a book, but you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

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