On Growing Up…

One of the current US President’s proposals is that insurance companies be mandated to carry the children of their assured to the age of 26. That’s right, if mommie and daddie have health insurance through their employer, well, that insurance company must carry the kiddies all the way until they’re 26. Hmmmm…. 26.

Let’s see, you can vote at 18. You can drink alcoholic beverages at 21. But, this president would have mommie and daddie’s insurance company carry your sorry self on the policy until you’re 26. Wow, now that’s a stab at maturity, at responsibility, at being your own person.

I look back at my own father who at 26 already had three children, a mortgage, and a business to run, all of which he paid for without his daddie or mommie’s help. He wasn’t alone either. A whole generation figured out how to support themselves, pay the bills, and yes, get healthcare, too.

Maybe my parents were just lucky. Or maybe they didn’t have the sundry necessities that many younger people today simply must have. For example: They have to have their own television in their own rooms since that electronic box replaces the mother’s breast from the earliest of days. They have to have a computer, preferably two: a laptop to tote about and look smart, and a desktop for home. By the way an internet connection also has to be had, high speed by the way. Then there’s the cellphone. Must stay in touch with pals, mommie and daddie, and not ingore the desperate plea: WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENS. LIKE, OH MY GOD, WHAT DO I DO? The cell phone plan has to be unlimited minutes and text messages, too. Very important they don’t get out of touch. Then there’s the iPod or other music player and all those songs that just have to be heard constantly when they’re not texting, chatting, or mucking about otherwise. A car or at a minimum some form of transportation complete with fuel, insurance, and maintenance paid for by mommie and daddie. Then there’s the fashions, clothes being an actual necessity of human life, but this generation needs the latest and greatest.

That’s the short list. And if you have a pencil and paper handy, maybe a calculator to help out, add up the cost. It’ll buy one Cadillac insurance plan that’s for sure. But the little kiddies won’t be cool. They won’t be “in.” They’ll be out. And out is where they belong. Out of the house, out in the world, out WORKING to support themselves, instead of whining for something else for free.

GROW UP. At 26 if you can’t or won’t buy your own health insurance, you’re a LOSER. And someone from CHINA or INDIA will be your master. Enjoy the party before the lights go out.

If you have the guts, read my novel Universal Coverage. It’ll show you a possible reality that’s headed our way at the speed of unrestrained deficit spending.

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