No books?

Well, there were some books, but quite a few less, as in less than half. I’m talking about a visit to my local, big-box bookstore. Less than six months ago I was in there, perusing the shelves, looking for something to read and there was an entire floor of shelves stacked edge to edge with reading material. Now? Let’s just say there are games and toys and other bric a brace and precious fewer tomes to tickle the fancy. Disappointed? Yes, I am. The bookstore has always been an adventure, a sort of treasure hunt. Sure, it’s possible to comb through the world wide web but it’s tons more fun to touch the pages, maybe bump into someone who has read something good, or even be told what to avoid. I know, I know, ¬†all the reviews are online. Sterile they are because you can’t look into someone’s eyes and ask questions.

At any rate, the days of the bookstore in the big-box form are numbered. There will be the specialty shops out there, operated by book lovers. And I’ll go looking for them because books are still relevant in whatever form they take. The people involved with them offer some interesting insight, too. Happy reading!

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Occupy Philadelphia, video interview #2

Here is the second video interview from the Occupy Philadelphia protest on 15 October 2011. Draw your own conclusions.

There is one more video in this series which will be posted soon. The interviews are uncut, unedited.

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Occupy Philadelphia, video interview #1

Occupy Philadelphia continues its protest at Philadelphia City Hall. Here is a brief interview, uncut, of two people who joined the protest. Draw your own conclusions.

There are two more interviews to come from footage taken on Saturday, 15 October 2011. They will be posted here and on YouTube. They are unedited and you are invited to draw your own conclusions.

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Occupy Doylestown

The following video shows an on the street view of the Occupy Doylestown protest on 13 October 2011. There are views of the signs and interviews with people involved.

Draw you own conclusions.

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