Cuba’s Cooking, Aruba

Cuba’s Cooking recently moved to a new location at the Seaport Mall in Oranjestaad. It’s easy to find on the front side of the mall, near the main highway. There is parking in several locations around the complex, including on the back side near the ocean. As the name implies, Cuba’s Cooking serves Cuban dishes, ranging from roast pork to olive chicken, two of the dishes I sampled recently. The empanadas are good, too, and you have a choice of chicken, beef, and fish in this department. Let’s take a look at those first.

You’ll notice the three sauces served with the empanadas, each one a style for your varied tastes. Next came the entrees. Olive chicken as seen in this photo:

The chicken is marinated and slow cooked to fall off the bone, the way it should be. Then there is the roast pork seen here:

Also slow cooked to be cut with a fork. These main courses came with rice and fried plantains and a bit of salad on the side. What is an added benefit to this restaurant is the live music. During my visit there was a fellow on stage with a guitar and the lively crowd joined in to play the bongos, maracas, and sing along. Lots of fun. Here’s the stage and note the artwork on the surrounding walls.

You’ll enjoy yourself at this restaurant, especially during the mid-week when things are less crowded. Bon dia from Aruba.

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