The Sultan, directions and food

Regular readers of The Bent Page have seen posts about The Sutlan, a middle-eastern restaurant located in Aruba. Well, here’s another post about this place, including a video with driving directions and a look at the food. You’ll also see the menu. Take the opportunity to use the “pause button” to check out what’s on offer and the prices. Those numbers are in florins, divide by 1.75 to get dollars. Here’s the video:

The footage was taken on a Sunday when a local bed and breakfast operator hosts his guests at the large table. What a spread The Sultan puts on for them! A sampler of most all the dishes that people can feast upon as they desire. This is a great way to try the many flavors without ordering an entire plate for yourself. One of the things I like most about the restaurant is the consistency, always hot and tasty. La Sultana is the nice young lady who provides table service. She’s from Colombia, hence the moniker, “La Sultana.”

Bon dia from Aruba.