Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market

Today, I had the good fortune to pay a visit to the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market. Every type of fruit and vegetable is on sale here to anyone willing to buy the minimum of a case. And you have to see all this produce, straight from the farm, in a single place, for sale from multiple vendors, all of which means the best prices around. Let’s take a look:

It was interesting to learn how the bananas are ripened, which is quite a process. Not to mention learning about where all this stuff comes from. Then there are the characters here, each operation has a personality and if you do some buying, you’ll meet them. There’s also the other customers, from the mom and pop shops to the restaurant purveyors to the people simply looking for a large quantity of something in particular. Markets like this are a marvel. I highly recommend a visit when in you’re in the mood to buy in bulk.

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