A Plane In Pieces

If you remember a post back in June, there was a plane crash at the airport from which I do much of my flying. Well, one of the planes that was damaged on the ground had since been declared a total loss. Hence, along comes the salvage artists. Here they are in action:

Dismantling an airplane for salvage.

As you can see in the photo above, they have the wings off and are lifting the fuselage. It’s a shame because this plane had many years of flying in it. Not anymore. There was some surprising internal damage. Here’s another view.

Damaged aircraft loaded for transport.

The plane was disassembled and loaded on a pair of flatbed trucks for transport to the boneyard. No doubt the pieces will be used to repair other planes, which is a good thing. So ends this episode. Remember, always do your checklist, and flying in machines and conditions you can handle.