Apples and Pumpkins, video

Today, I visited the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market and learned quite a bit about apples and pumpkins. It is the season for these two, and the market was chock full of both. Here’s the video, which includes two interviews.

By the way, the building in which the PWPM operates is big enough to contain the Empire State Building (on its side). And, they transact more than a billion dollars worth of business every year. As long as you’re buying a case, you can buy there. So, if you have a big event planned, don’t hesitate to check it out for great prices and the best selection.

Three Tacos!

My pal, Ben, knows some good food joints. He introduced me to this place for tacos recently and we headed over there for a recharge. Check out the three tacos on my plate.

Three delicious tacos!

The one on the left is made with steak, the other two with pork. All of them were delicious, authentic, Mexican tacos. The thing is, they’re much more filling than they look. I recommend only two. Trouble is, they taste good enough that you gorge yourself. This place is located on the west side of West Chester, PA, USA. I don’t even know if it has a name. Doesn’t matter. Friendly people inside, good food, and a chance to practice Spanish. Eat well; live well.

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Rolling Seas

A friend of mine recently related his sailing adventures. Part of his trip involved sailing along the coast of New Jersey into New York Harbor. Off the coast of Atlantic City, he ran into some easterly swells that were crossed by a westerly chop. A confused sea it was and here’s his photo:

Rough seas off the coast of Atlantic City.

This photo illustrates why I prefer to fly, as opposed to sail. Better to be above the weather than in it. Each adventure has its challenges. Be careful whatever you do.

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Homemade Airline Meal No. 3

Thanks to everyone who sent me notes about the food they take on airplanes. Taking things up a notch, I made the next video about my third airline meal, which features some Italian-style flavors. Check it out.

As you can see, making a few substitutions will help things pack neatly and stay fresh until you enjoy your meal on the plane. Don’t forget those accessory packs. The little things go a long way to increasing your comfort. More airline meals to come so check back frequently!