Airline Breakfast

Thanks to the dogged accumulation and clever application of frequent flier miles, I’m able to fly in the front of the plane, which means less these days than it used to. Still, there is a bit of food and a steady flow of drinks. For example, during a recent departure from Aruba, the following breakfast was enjoyed:

American Airlines breakfast from Aruba to Miami.

American Airlines breakfast from Aruba to Miami.

All the essentials were there from orange juice and fruit to the quiche and grilled tomato. Seriously, this was a tasty treat, albeit a small one compared to my usual breakfast. The cabin staff was friendly and helpful, the way they always are aboard American, at least in my experience. Enjoy your flight and please cooperate with all the directives issued by the captain and crew. They are looking out for your safety and comfort.

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  1. That quiche looks tasty, especially for an airplane meal! I’m glad you had a positive experience – thanks for sharing!

    – Jonathan I

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