AA56 to London

As in the previous post, I found some video that, for some reason, was not edited into a finished piece. This time it is the details of flying on American Airlines Flight 56 from Miami to London. This voyage put me on a Boeing 777, which is a magnificent airplane. Thanks to frequent flier miles, I enjoyed a first class seat. Here’s a look at the cabin, amenities, food, and some aerial views along the way.

What a great flight! Got there safely and in comfort thanks to the professional staff at American Airlines. It was the start of a great trip, one I posted about last year. Although this video was a bit of catch up, it’s good to have the memories on file.

Over London, England (aerial video)

While sorting through some footage taken with my Nikon 1 AW, I found a clip taken from American Airlines Flight 56. This was on 2 June 2014, aboard a 777, which is an amazing aircraft by the way. At any rate, it seems I poked the Nikon at the window for a look down at the sprawling city of London, England. You’ll recognize a few famous sights. Here it is:

Due to the weather conditions, the image quality was not the best. I did several color corrections as well as a few other enhancements. Still, a nice view down on a famous city. Enjoy the journey.

Lunch on a Plane

If you think about it, serving a meal aboard an airliner is no easy feat. In the first place, the galley is effectively the size of a closet. Then there are all the safety concerns. Furthermore, keeping things hot and/or cold is a challenge. As if that wasn’t enough, airlines have to deal with suppliers in various countries during the course of a route. Somehow, things come out okay. In fact, I would say in the past several years, airline food has improved. Here’s a look at a recent lunch aboard American Airlines:

Lunch served aboard American Airlines.

Lunch served aboard American Airlines.

There’s a nice variety of food on that tray, including a fresh salad, an entree, and the salmon. A few moments later, a whole wheat role was added. If I ate portion this size it would probably go a long way toward my weight control program. I found this meal to be tasty and a nice treat during a long flight. Food is good for morale and good food makes for better morale. Enjoy every meal.

Scott’s Brats, Aruba, iPhone video

We’re making a quick visit to Scott’s Brats on Aruba’s Palm Beach. This joint will serve up some comfort food that will keep you going all day. Check out the iPhone vid:

Enjoy the bratwurst and the view, which is hard to beat in this part of the Caribbean. Prices are good, too. And if you like the Green Bay Packers, you’ll have lots to talk about. Bon dia.