Darn Tough Vermont (video review)

I saw Darn Tough Vermont socks advertised and decided to give them I try. VERY IMPRESSIVE. Now, you’re saying, “Socks, what’s the big deal?” Well, if you’re on your feet all day, maybe for work or maybe for play, good socks make a big difference. I went with the run/bike model, finding them to be everything they are advertised to be. Strong, light, VERY comfortable. Check out the video:

Having used them in various applications, I can say they live up to their name. Please note: I think the sizes run a little small, but they fit snug to the foot, which is important. You don’t want your sock shifting around; that’s how you get blisters. These socks do the job and are guaranteed for life, which is another amazing feature. As always, you get what you pay for. Since these socks are made in the USA and awesome, they cost a few bucks more. Worth every cent!

Also, if you saw my previous post, I really did have a collision with an SUV. Generally healing okay, thank you.

A Note About Safety

Recently, while riding my bicycle, I was struck head-on by a motor vehicle. Not good as the photo below shows in the immediate aftermath.

In the ambulance.

In the ambulance.

Things got worse from there. Lots of bruises, a few cuts, and other damage. I was wearing a helmet. The helmet is ruined, but my head is in one piece. Thus, despite connecting with a two-ton machine, I survived with much less damage than it could have been. So, ALWAYS wear your helmet. And, if you happen to be driving, keep a lookout for small fluffy creatures and the people (like me) on bicycles. Put the cell phone away. Watch the road. Thank you. I would like to thank the emergency personal for quick response and excellent curing during this incident.

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Neighborhood Character

People and the places they populate generate neighborhood character. I’m not talking about the franchise joints tested by marketing focus groups. I’m talking about your corner bar, barbershop, or back room, where, for whatever reason, people congregate. I like these places. The social fireworks are fun to watch. Hence, the photo of me with Sandy, the bartender at Bonk’s Bar.

Dan and Sandy at Bonk's

Bonk’s Bar features all the usual action of a corner tavern: local color, reliable booze, minimal interference from skyscraper geniuses looking to make everything the same. It’s been more than 20 years since I first set foot in there. Looking forward to many more years doing the same. Support your local establishments. They’re worth it.


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