Schuylkill River Trail

The Schuylkill River Trail traces the river of the same name, providing a location for recreational activities from Philadelphia all the way to Reading and beyond. I’ve ridden my bicycle on it many times but not lately. That is, until today:


I rode more than 20 miles, at an easy pace. The weather was chilly, but plenty of people out.


With ample places to park at various locations along the trail, there are many ways to access the route. While the views are a bit bleak now at the end of winter, there still are plenty of sights to see.


Get out there and get some exercise. It’s fun and good for you.

A Note About Safety

Recently, while riding my bicycle, I was struck head-on by a motor vehicle. Not good as the photo below shows in the immediate aftermath.

In the ambulance.

In the ambulance.

Things got worse from there. Lots of bruises, a few cuts, and other damage. I was wearing a helmet. The helmet is ruined, but my head is in one piece. Thus, despite connecting with a two-ton machine, I survived with much less damage than it could have been. So, ALWAYS wear your helmet. And, if you happen to be driving, keep a lookout for small fluffy creatures and the people (like me) on bicycles. Put the cell phone away. Watch the road. Thank you. I would like to thank the emergency personal for quick response and excellent curing during this incident.

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Scuba Subway

In my past career, I built artificial reefs by sinking ships and concrete pipe among other materials. In the early 2000’s, New York City decided to dispose of some of their obsolete subway cars by deploying them in the ocean for the purpose of building reefs. They were distributed down the east coast, some as far as South Carolina, where the following footage was taken. Scuba dive on the subway line to Davey Jones’ locker.

Amazing footage! The sea turtle was particularly impressive as were the numbers of fish seen only ten months after deployment. Reef building is good for the environment. It creates new habitat that forms the basis for the entire marine ecosystem. This video is proof.