Adventure Medical Kits, video review

A first aid kit is necessary for your vehicle, house, and even your suitcase when you travel. Today, I take a look at the World Travel model from Adventure Medical Kits. This one is rather large for personal travel. It’s designed to be used for up to four people on a multi-day trip. Hence, it contains quite a bit of the items you might need, from bandages and pain killers to a scissor and spare bottles for your own meds. Take a look at the video:

I would add a few things, such as a seat belt cutter, my personal medical info on a card, a penlight, and hand sanitizer. Still, this is a great kit to have on hand. Check the one you have and make sure the meds are current and that it is customized for your own personal needs.

A Note About Safety

Recently, while riding my bicycle, I was struck head-on by a motor vehicle. Not good as the photo below shows in the immediate aftermath.

In the ambulance.

In the ambulance.

Things got worse from there. Lots of bruises, a few cuts, and other damage. I was wearing a helmet. The helmet is ruined, but my head is in one piece. Thus, despite connecting with a two-ton machine, I survived with much less damage than it could have been. So, ALWAYS wear your helmet. And, if you happen to be driving, keep a lookout for small fluffy creatures and the people (like me) on bicycles. Put the cell phone away. Watch the road. Thank you. I would like to thank the emergency personal for quick response and excellent curing during this incident.

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Lots of people are traveling this holiday season. So, please, take a moment to consider safety of all kinds. As you can see here, I checked out the safety briefing card during a recent flight.

Safety briefing card.

Pay attention to crew instructions. You never know, a little tip from them might just save your life. Happy travels!

Safety (not) First!

Here is an example of what not to do:

Toting a propane tank around in your trunk is a bad idea. Not securing it is a second bad idea. Keep the links out of the chain of disaster by using your head. Okay?

Bon dia.

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