Lunch on a Plane

If you think about it, serving a meal aboard an airliner is no easy feat. In the first place, the galley is effectively the size of a closet. Then there are all the safety concerns. Furthermore, keeping things hot and/or cold is a challenge. As if that wasn’t enough, airlines have to deal with suppliers in various countries during the course of a route. Somehow, things come out okay. In fact, I would say in the past several years, airline food has improved. Here’s a look at a recent lunch aboard American Airlines:

Lunch served aboard American Airlines.

Lunch served aboard American Airlines.

There’s a nice variety of food on that tray, including a fresh salad, an entree, and the salmon. A few moments later, a whole wheat role was added. If I ate portion this size it would probably go a long way toward my weight control program. I found this meal to be tasty and a nice treat during a long flight. Food is good for morale and good food makes for better morale. Enjoy every meal.

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