Jamis Renegade (1 year anniversary)

Today marks the end of the first year riding my Jamis Renegade Elite. Logged 4,371 miles, according to the Garmin 520 I use to monitor my progress.


The bike has been great. Zero problems with the Shimano running gear, Clement tires rolling fine, and my huge pages tote all my gear with no worries. I can recommend this bike for long gravel rides or even just as your daily bike on the highways and groomed trail. Looking forward to many more rides and miles in the future.

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  1. Wow – that’s some kind of commitment . Good for you. Sounds like it’s an easy ride to Ft. Myers !!!!!!!
    Haven’t seen recent posts of the house. You in & settled ?
    Miss our Champagne/pool soirée’s !


  2. Hey Daniel, I’ve been looking at getting a Renegade Elite. I’m after a bike for all seasons/conditions: mostly roads (the rough, potholed Scottish versions), some tracks/gravel, commuting, and the occasional holiday to the mountains (I like to climb). A lot to ask of one bike! It would be replacing a Scott CR1 carbon which is light but far from robust/all-season suitable. Sounds like you’d recommend the Renegade? No pressure. 🙂

    • Yes, I would recommend the Renegade. It’s a great bicycle that has served me well in conditions similar to the ones you describe. Safe riding. All the best.

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