Lyon Air Museum

While in California, I stopped by the Lyon Air Museum, which is located adjacent to the John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana. They have a collection of World War II airplanes and period vehicles that are definitely worth a look, such as this Mitchell B-25 in excellent condition.


There there’s a B-17, which you see in the next photo.


And a couple of DC-3’s including this one in American Airlines livery.


I’m told that all these aircraft fly. Judging by the visible condition, I would agree. They’re in excellent shape and the runway is right there. Many of these are on my aviation bucket list. I hope to fly them some day.

Airplanes at Wings Field

Wings Field is a wonderful small airport located just north of Philadelphia. Today they hosted an open house, featuring a number of modern aircraft. The following video takes you to see some of them.

Nice, eh? Absolutely. I learned to fly the Cirrus SR20 at Wings. Someday, I’d like to take the controls of one of the beauties featured in that video. In the mean time, I’ll be flying along at slightly slower speeds and lower altitudes, looking out for the traffic above. And by the way, if you get the chance to head off in one of them, don’t turn it down. You’ll love it! (Off to Aruba soon, so look for more exciting and interesting video from the island.)

Steady now…

This blog carries some of my flying adventures. Regular readers will remember my recent adoption of the Cirrus S20 as the cross-country flying machine of choice. It’s a steady ship, capable of 135 knots cruising. The control yoke is mounted to the side, which actually works very nicely as the pilot can rest an arm on the molded door panel and be quite comfortable. Here’s a shot of me at the helm.

The Garmin G1000 avionics suite is impressive, too. Plenty of situational awareness, an excellent autopilot, and clear graphical representations of what’s going on with the airplane. Of course, take note to the old magnetic compass in the upper part of the photo. You have to have one of those to go flying. Even your commercial airliners have them. If all else fails, pick a heading and go for it.

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Sasha, Avionics Supervisor

When visiting my local avionics shop the other day, I met Sasha, the shop cat. During the winter months, it seems she prefers the office. Take a look.

She’s settled into her perch there, probably atop the accounts receivable. It’s good to know there’s a cat around to calm the nerves and keep any potential trespassing vermin under control. Special thanks to the good people at Penn Avionics for doing a great job with the instruments in the airplane I fly, and for having such a pleasant cat.

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