Piper Cub (on display)

At the airshow I’ve been posting about, there were several Piper Cubs, a few owned by friends of mine. There was this example, which embodies all that basic flying can be.

Piper Cub at Wings & Wheels airshow.

Piper Cub at Wings & Wheels airshow.

When you’r flying a plane like this, you’re really flying. Truth be told, more than this, you don’t really need. It’s stick and rudder, throttle and your own two eyes. That’s what makes flying a real joy. Or so I think.

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North American T28

Yesterday, there was a car and airplane show at Wings Field, all for the benefit of Angel Flight, which is a good cause. Of course, I had to check out the aluminum and steel. There will be more photos to follow, but let’s start with the North American T28, this example from 1954.

North American T28, vintage 1954.

North American T28, vintage 1954.

Not the most handsome plane, but a rugged unit with flaps the size of barn doors. I’d like to fly one of these someday. Have to get to work on that.

Airplanes at Wings Field

Wings Field is a wonderful small airport located just north of Philadelphia. Today they hosted an open house, featuring a number of modern aircraft. The following video takes you to see some of them.

Nice, eh? Absolutely. I learned to fly the Cirrus SR20 at Wings. Someday, I’d like to take the controls of one of the beauties featured in that video. In the mean time, I’ll be flying along at slightly slower speeds and lower altitudes, looking out for the traffic above. And by the way, if you get the chance to head off in one of them, don’t turn it down. You’ll love it! (Off to Aruba soon, so look for more exciting and interesting video from the island.)