Blackhawk, Inside and Out

If you ever wondered what a US Army Blackhawk helicopter looked like on the inside and out, take a look at this video I made. This particular helicopter was part of a show at my local airport. The crew was very accommodating, allowing us wing nutz to take a seat at the controls. Here’s the video:

The control panel is not one of those multi-function displays, but rather clusters of individual instruments. You’ll also notice the spartan construction, no fancy woodwork or even smooth sheet metal. Just a raw panel with instruments bolted fast. Makes it easy to replace and repair, which is an important factor in military operations. Since I don’t have my helicopter rating, there was no chance of a jaunt in the this bird, not that it was in the cards if I had the ticket. Still, it was interesting to meet the crew, check out their machine, and learn a few things.

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Blackhawk in Town

A U.S. Navy Blackhawk visited one of my local airports the other day. Take a look.

You may have heard about these helicopters recently, and the crew they delivered to a select spot in Pakistan. Anyway, this one was decked out in a nice paint job for an official affair. The crew took special care of it, wiping it down as soon as they parked.

Small, fixed wing pilots are wise to keep well clear of such beasts. Those rotors throw a tremendous downwash that can create interesting effects near a small plane, especially taking off or landing. Plus, these guys have important work to do. I’d rather not be in the way.

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