Container Shipping

Here’s an interesting video I made while working on the Delaware River recently. Passing Packer Avenue Container Terminal, there was a ship taking on bunker fuel.

This is a part of the USA infrastructure that many people do not see. All types of products travel via the container system, which is quite remarkable. More on this soon. (Video made with Nikon D810.)


Car ship, inbound (video)

Of course, an iPhone will make great video. Today’s vid is more documentary than creative narrative. Nonetheless, it’s always good to practice one’s craft when the opportunity presents. So, here’s a quick look at a car ship on the Delaware River, inbound for Philadelphia:

The zoom on the iPhone degrades the quality a bit. Without a tripod, things get a bit shaky as well. Still, if you need to grab a shot, the iPhone can do the job.

Private Air Transport

Private air transport takes you from closer to where you are to closer to where you want to be. As you see in the photo of this beautiful King Air twin turboprop, you can begin your journey at a small airport.

King Air at Brandywine Airport (KOQN).

King Air at Brandywine Airport (KOQN).

Similarly, you can touch down at another small strip near your destination. Remember, these small airports are usually hassle free, staffed by friendly people, and provide a welcome alternative to the aggravation giant terminals of commercial travel. It’s not cheap to fly private, but worth every penny.

Blackhawk in Town

A U.S. Navy Blackhawk visited one of my local airports the other day. Take a look.

You may have heard about these helicopters recently, and the crew they delivered to a select spot in Pakistan. Anyway, this one was decked out in a nice paint job for an official affair. The crew took special care of it, wiping it down as soon as they parked.

Small, fixed wing pilots are wise to keep well clear of such beasts. Those rotors throw a tremendous downwash that can create interesting effects near a small plane, especially taking off or landing. Plus, these guys have important work to do. I’d rather not be in the way.

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